Graham Beacham, Chairman

Graham has been chairman of Mareham-le-Fen Village Hall Management Committee for the last 13 years and leads this project.

Graham originally qualified as a shop fitter and joiner and ran his own property maintenance and alteration business for 25 years. He then changed direction and gained licentiate distinction in the Master Photographers Association and with the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers. Graham then ran his own wedding and portrait studio until he retired in 2013.

Jeremy Hazelwood, Vice Chairman

Jeremy has been on the Committee for 14 years.

On leaving School Jeremy attended college and gained qualifications in Building and Brick Laying and worked in the Construction Industry. He has lived in the village for 24 years with his wife and two sons.

Jeremy joined the Committee to make a difference, to help provide a safe, modern and friendly facility for our village and surrounding Parishes. This Centre is a wonderful venue for any Event and will be here for many years to come.

Jenny Palmer, Correspondence Secretary

Jenny was born, educated and lived in London for the first 50 years of her life. Jenny was a government entomologist for 25 years including researching, writing and illustrating articles for publication and spent a short but rewarding time working with local agriculturists in India and Zimbabwe.

Jenny was also a secondary school librarian and science laboratory technician and has offered bereavement support, both in London and Lincolnshire, on a voluntary basis, for nearly 30 years. Jenny is naturally empathic and non-judgmental with experience in working with all sections of the community. Jenny has a good standard of literacy and eye for detail and has recruited, organised training courses and provided clinical supervision for the voluntary bereavement support sector.

Jenny is a widow with 1 daughter and 3 grandsons and has lived in Mareham le Fen and volunteered for the Village Hall charity for nearly 20 years.

Susan Beacham, Booking Secretary and Treasurer

Now retired, Susan had a 28 year career working in a major Bank. She spent many years as a chief cashier in a branch environment and then later ran the branch processing department.

Susan’s motivational skills were acknowledged by her being one of four team leaders for marketing and product knowledge training. After taking voluntary redundancy she then became self-employed, to work fully with her husband in their photography business.

Using her skills when organising the various events held by the management committee, Susan has introduced new ideas and her motivation to encourage all is evident.

Garry Cutting

Gary spent his teenage years living in the village and attended what was Gartree secondary school. In 2008 he returned to the village and have lived here ever since.

Gary is employed in agriculture and works in the renewable energy sector. Gary is also a L.I.V.E.S. responder. It is through this voluntary role he became involved as a Trustee in what was then the old village hall. L.I.V.E.S. used to use the old hall for their training meetings and as users of the hall they had a representative on the hall committee.

Even though L.I.V.E.S. no longer use the hall to train due to the group being restructured, Gary decided to still volunteer his support for the New Community Centre.

Claire Hazelwood

Claire has been a Trustee on the Committee for 10 years.

Claire is a village girl having grown up, gone to school, got married and raised a family in Mareham. She trained as a Chef and has worked locally while her family was growing up and is presently the Catering Manager at Barnes Wallis Academy.

This New Community Centre is for everyone to use and make memories, be it through the countless Clubs, Groups and Social Events or Friends and Family Occasions.

Brya Seymour

Brya is Assistant Treasurer for Mareham Fen Village Hall Committee. She retired in 2004, having been Finance Officer for Age Concern Lindsey. Brya continued as a volunteer at Age Concern Lindsey until 2013. Brya is always interested in working with figures and feels really passionate about working towards a new Community Centre and everything it can offer. She also enjoys working with the trustees towards this goal.

Brya is also Secretary for two Women’s Institute groups and is busy spending time with her grandchildren.

Would you like to join us?

The Community Centre took many years to create what we see today, we want this Centre to grow and be a real asset to the Village and the Parishioners. To achieve this we need people to now come forward and join us as Trustees or our group of Friends, to help with activities and Events.

When you look back on this project, starting over 20 yrs ago, there have been many people involved, some, sadly never saw their hard work come to this wonderful conclusion. We need younger people to help now, to inject new ideas, time and experience.

We have worked long and hard, to good effect, over many years and now need an infusion of youthful enthusiasm, fresh ideas and commitment. This is an excellent way of getting involved and getting to know members of our community. Knowing that we can contribute to developing social, health and educational facilities locally is extremely rewarding so come and join us.