• To seek approval and support for a new play area from the local community and to develop a strategy for the development of a play area on the site of Mareham Le Fen Community Centre.¬†
  • Consult with local residents, children and young people and create a design brief using the findings from this consultation. Involve the community in all stages of the planning, design and delivery of the project.
  • Obtain estimated costs and outline plans from play companies using the results of consultation.
  • Work with the Charity to agree on the final design and budget for the play area.
  • Take overall responsibility for fundraising. Search and apply for funding from relevant organisations.
  • Take responsibility for coordinating a series of fundraising events and organise the activities of any volunteers working in support of the group¬†
  • To develop an action plan for the long term sustainability of the play area, namely maintenance, insurance and inspection costs.

Objectives for the group